Saturday, 7 January 2012


Life... sorrow, rejection, devastation and disappointments, these are a list of some of our experiences in life’s school of adversity.
However we can overcome them in this life when we face them boldly, not shrinking from the task, as these are essentials in the   strengthening of character.

We ought to allow ourselves to ponder on the words of wisdom which constantly reminds us that pleasant words are like nutrients to our body and so we should strive to always look on the brighter side of life.
Only this will bring us healing and encouragement, Happiness and joy;

Be not anxious for anything, it only leads to disappointment and hurt. Neither be anxious for the future, you do not have total control over the  events of life.

Why borrow tomorrow’s trouble? When tomorrow is not concerned about us!
Let us guard well our minds, be selective with our reading, our viewing, our companion, our conversation, the source of counsel we seek.  Always remember your mind is the avenue to your soul; therefore protect it!

Love, wisdom, knowledge and truth these fade not.
Recognize it is your attitude which will determine your altitude. In all life's issues the deciding component is our attitude.

Stay calm, be objective throughout the misfortune or even the heartaches of life. You are already empowered to overcome these obstacles.

Whether you are feeling jubilant or feeling devastated; uplifted or miserable; Hopeless or angry; life remains constant though trouble comes and goes.

One thing we should remember, we are never alone whatever our circumstances.
We all have things happen in our lives that give us reason to be unhappy.
Be it rejection or disappointment, never forget this, you have been chosen and empowered for this experience, to enable you to help someone, who will one day walk those pathways.

So do not be apprehensive about things you have no control over, it is futile. Avoid selfishness and improve your character. Until gradually you will find a life that is beautiful, maintain a sweet spirit and Guard against bitterness.

Your circumstances may not seem agreeable. However dream lofty dreams. As the darkness gives way to light and the storm to the calm, so will your hopelessness gives way to hope and your sadness gives way to joy.

Make it your daily care to act on your fixed principle. Never give up! There are numerous ways in which you can go astray,always remember your ideals, continue to dream on, aspire, reach, and above all be content.

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