Friday, 27 January 2012


The way of life; the way of death – the choice we make with the opportunity given; to walk with our heads in the clouds or to walk in the sunshine; an old action a new action one must pass away before the other can appear. What will our first choice be?

Two ways which will you choose; this world blighted by sorrow and scorched by the flames of suffering; or a world of hope for the future where righteousness shall flow like a river.

The law of Love; one Life, the life of modification to rules; or hate; no adjustment necessary, still our preference still our choice.

Deceit oh! “What tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive,” we have freedom to do this, however we can maintain integrity, the desired pathway of the wise; subdued by God’s grace enabling a quiet and obedient heart.

Choosing peaceful paths; enabling the Light that lights every man to burn steadily in the heart; or allow strife and controversy to spoil the atmosphere bringing darkness without; affecting the quiet within.

Commendation or condemnation one will be yours; choose well before you act as this will determine happiness or sadness.

Will you make every day—namely, the beginning of each day a life worthwhile? Or continue a life with use of weapons by which to destroy you.  A life whereby there is a sense in which every day may be regarded as another mundane existence.

On the wings of ambition we can rise to great heights, or remain in ignorance by departing from knowledge, sinking into utter darkness when glimpses of light can be ours; that is the choice we make with each passing day.

The strengthening of our resolution in order to progress, recognizing there can be no achievement, without sacrifice; or to become weak and succumb to forms of self-slavery or recklessness.

Today you can choose to fashion the tools with which you can build for yourself, a world in which joy and strength and peace are its fruits; or by the wrong choice of thought descends below the level to which you were created.

Amidst hurry – you can choose to be patient – amidst controversy – you can choose peace – amidst heated arguments you can be the cause or you can be the cure.

Two Ways! Only one available to you! Which one will you choose!
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