Monday, 16 January 2012


We have it in our power to make a differnce in the llives of others, therefore we are obligated to be careful of our actions and the impact it has on the lives of others. Watch your lips, watch your lips what they say, la la la la la la la la la …do you remember these words? We have all been taught this beautiful song when we were a child and we sang it with such innocence. However as we grow older this seems to be forgotten and many think it does not matter what words we use. 
I suppose this is true to some extent after all we are responsible for what we do and what we say. Only there is something we need to ponder and this is it. The use of the gift of speech should be guarded; for it is a mighty power for evil as well as for good. You cannot be too careful of what you say.

We live in a world where the mighty men are usually those who have the power of persuasion, where many battles have been fought, and many victories have been won and many a stately position has been attained through the power of speech. As I recall the words “I have a dream” I can still hear the thunderous applause that followed when Dr.Martin Luther King spoke those words.

 The power of the voice is an endowment that we must seek diligently to refine. This gift is capable of transforming anger into calm, peace into turmoil.
We should sweeten our words with kindness so as they fall from our lips they become like drops of honey. With our words we convince and persuade, with it we can cause many to laugh or cry, have received approval, advice and encouragement. We tell others of our love for them, consequently it is important that we develop this gift and treasure it so that we can be most effective for good.

How far has the human race progress, as a result of the many great men who have come and gone? As you look down the corridors of time what do you see?  What will your life reveal to your world about you? What have you contributed to your world? Whose life have you touched? What were the results of that encounter?

As you express yourself today how will you choose to use your gift? Will you seek to use your voice to speak kind words, or to utter harsh, and vindictive words? Or will you see today as a new beginning, a day when you can make that change. To refrain from the use of mean words, that has crushed dreams, wounded hearts and broken spirits?   If you strive to do these things what do you think the result will be?

Use this gift today to be a powerful tool to effect change. Words they mean very much. They express our love, devotion, and praise; many have used them for revenge. As these Words reveal the sentiments of the heart they have the ability to touch lives and bring peace. So guard your words.

"Keep thy tongue from evil "[Ps. 34:13]. The wild beast of the forest may be tamed, "but the tongue can no man tame" [James 3:8].

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