Monday, 23 January 2012


The road to information must be one of the most amazing and enjoyable places to travel. The achievement of its gifts ever increasing.

There are many ways in which we can improve ourselves, often we focus on the exterior thinking that if I look my best then I am indeed a good person. We should realize that the outward appearance though important is not the measure of the man; and as we reflect on these things may we take painstaking effort to improve ourselves as we seek to make the world around us a better place to be. Every action must bring its reward of either good or evil.

Every step that is taken on this beautiful road of life should be treasured and not taken for granted, therefore we should exercise care in all that we do.

We should objectively examine our own failings, and interfere as little as possible with the failings of others, recognizing that the work of self improvement first begin with us.

Too often many when speaking of others are not careful as to what they say. Many have lost reputation as a result of having things reported about them that are not even true; as a result so many lives have been destroyed. Many are seemingly unaware that evil-speaking is ruinous. It does not only separates love ones it also weakens friendship and is  destructive not only to those who indulge in it but to those in whom it affects.

When we are in doubt whether a thing we would do, be wrong or right, we should not do it. As we weigh our actions carefully, we should put  ourselves in the place of those around us and think how we would be if they had done us wrong. 

Our life on this earth is a short one and whether we believe it or not every seed that we sow has a consequence, so if we have wronged others and restitution be in our power, we should make it without delay.


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