Monday, 9 January 2012


What if ….there is a grand and sombre day ahead of us where our lives will be reviewed?

What if…..there are only two ways, the Broad way and the Narrow way?

What if…..the Narrow way truly leads to life, and the Broad way truly leads to death?

What if……there is a Great Judge who will pay everyone according to his/her work?

What if… were not able to have an advocate to argue your case?

What if…..there are books of records in which the names and behaviour of all men are registered?

What if….there are only three books; and among those books are: The Book of Life, The Book of Remembrance and The Book of Death and from these you will be judged?

What if….the book of Remembrance is open, where every actions of right doing are immortalized; there every enticement was resisted, each act of compassion counted, and every vice was conquered, where all affectionate word expressed is carefully chronicled and every one’s fate was decided and your name was not written there?

What if…..only names written in the book of Life receives eternal life and your name is found in the book of Death and missing from the book of Life?

What if…..each wrong word you expressed, all selfish acts  and every task you left undone, and each wasted moments are carefully scrutinized?

What if…..your influence swayed others, causing them to mirror your actions as you lived as you pleased?

What if..…those actions were placed in a book which happens to be the book of Death and guess what your name was written there?

What if .….you thought you would live forever, only tomorrow you will die. What would your actions be this moment?

What if…..your interest changed? What if……your opportunities were improved? What if….you did things differently?

What if… did not procrastinate? what did your duties faithfully today?

-Rose Bloomfield -

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