Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Life after Debt

Money a very valuable commodity, its use demand a treasury of practical wisdom in order to obtain a successful debt-free life. 

Today we take a long look at four (4 )maxims that the atheist cannot deny, the employers will love, the parent will be happier for and above all everyone will be more able to bear their own weight and not be dependent on another. So whether you are from the upper class, the middle class or the working class this affects us all, and therefore careful attention should be given to it.

"A diligent businessman shall prosper"  

"It is profitable to work, but cheap talk leads to extreme wants and poverty." 
"A lazy person craves food and there is none, but the appetite of hard-working people will be satisfied."  

"The drunkard and the greedy shall come to poverty: and laziness will bring poverty."   

How many might have escaped financial failure and ruin by heeding these warnings? Many would rather make their own mistakes than learn from the mistakes of others. These warnings have been emphasized and repeated and yet still ignored by many.

The debt the very sound of the word makes one sick, and full of mental anguish, who needs it! The thought of the Bailiff knocking at the door would leave anyone feeling anxious. We live in a society where it is very difficult not to talk about debt, even those yet unborn would become indebted by the time they are born.  

Debt weakens us and tends to make us become discouraged; the very thought of it leaves us depressed. 

Much consideration will have to be used to bring under control our disposition to spend means beyond our income. If the truth were told many spend their money as soon as they receive it without budgeting.
On the other hand, many do not manage their finances in a responsible way rather they manage their affairs in a way that will incur debt. . . . Debt is like a net, you are trapped and sometimes it becomes difficult to get out of it. Often we are found abstracting and using the money for any purpose before it is earned, avoid this as this can become a trap; let us avoid this at all cost.

May we exercise caution in our business affairs, and If at all possible strive never to incur another debt. Make a pledge with yourselves that you will deny yourself a thousand things rather than become indebted. As we strive to come to grips with our debts may we help to encourage others who may have fallen in the same trap and remind them it is not the end of the world, that there is "Life after debt."

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