Thursday, 10 May 2012


Many will say, “I have no faith.” It is true faith definitely has to be tested before it can be trusted. In life we experience many difficulties, and it can sometimes come upon us like a raging sea, a smouldering heat an erupting volcano. In whatever way we experience these difficult situations we should not allow them to make us become bitter.

Happiness can be a fleeting experience and so we must ensure that we have joy, to sustain us. Joy is that feeling that dwells deep within us, it is not dependent upon our outward situation.  Sorrow is one of the blows that life deals us and although we cannot prepare for it we can adopt a healthy attitude that will enable us to cope. As the sorrow of life and sorrow of the world envelops you, let the tears flow, and even as your heart aches let not sorrow overtake you. You are never alone, so be comforted in this fact, we have all been affected at some time or another; none has escaped it, and whether you believe it or not with time, your heart does heal.

Never for a moment think that your pain is remote and unjustly inflicted. For to do so you will not be enabled to overcome life’s challenges and you must overcome; otherwise you will not survive the next blow that will be thrust upon you.  Never lose sight of this fact that your pain though it seems to overwhelm you is but a fraction of the world’s pain.

Knowing this that there is not a trouble which face you that is not common to all.  Having this experience, understand and allow this sorrow to gently lead you into a deeper and richer faith, allowing a wider compassion, and tender regard for all men.  Nothing can overtake you unless you allow it. Therefore let this thought bring you into greater love and deeper awareness.

Dwell on this fact that all these things will pass away, they are but for a moment. Use each experience to buffet you to manage everything unpleasant that will come into your life both presently and in the future.

If we look at our sorrows and view it in a positive light we will realize that it can be a conduit to help and to encourage, empathize and even show compassion to others in their time of need. What better person is able to do so? Only those who have truly walked that walk and have come through safely.

As long as life lasts there will always be sorrow, it will never go away but you can choose to allow healing to pervade your soul so that when it is remembered the hurt and pain that it initially brings would not be present.

Above all always remember that you are of a special kind, and were created to be a winner. Be encouraged, you are not alone.

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