Wednesday, 31 October 2012


1.  Pineapple is rich in vitamin and contains bromelain making it an excellent factor in the control of inflammation associated with arthritis and many other conditions.

2.  Contains valuable  dietary fibre as well as manganese.

3.  Research shows pineaple has the ability to cause a reduce of blood clots thereby lowering the risk of heart attack.

4.  One of the most popular fruits, has enzymes, minerals, vitamins, to aid the digestive system.

5.  According to the experts, pineapple contains micro-nutrients to protect against cancer.

6.  Can be eaten raw or cooked; when cooked with meat it is found to be a good tenderiser.

7.  Recommended use in stomach ulcer because of its glutamine content.

8.  A good source of ferulic acid, a plant based chemical which helps to prevent the formation of cancer causing substances.

9.  Improve the circulation of the blood.

10. Very sweet fruit; because of its vitamin C has the ability to fight toxins as well as bacteria.

Everyone can enjoy a healthy lifestyle if we pay attention to our diet, as well as changing our lifestyle by avoiding substances which can be potentially harmful to our health.

Food allergies are good indicators of the state of our health so we are advised to listen to our bodies and strive at all cost to abstain from harmful foods.

There is such an abundance of good and wholesome foods we can enjoy, such as will do wonders to our health and equally bring pleasure without the risk of harming our health. May we ask what course shall I take best to preserve my health? And pursue the path shown.

It is said that we can educate ourselves in eating well or medicate ourselves when we have destroyed our health. Let us make great effort to reverse these deadly diseases by exercise,  and endeavour to eat of the best hygienic food, the very best fruits and grains. As we discard everything that is detrimental to our health.

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