Friday, 19 October 2012


The older we become the more easily it is to see that our thoughts does affect our behaviour. For our thought is a reflection of who we are, which is then expressed by our attitude to each other. The way we respond to the various challenges that life throws our way will determine the quality of life we enjoy. It is therefore important that we cherish no idle or unpleasant thought as this will impact on our relationship with others as well as our happiness, success or failure.

The beauty of life dwells in the secret of the thoughts we treasure each day, thoughts we embrace of our precious memories. The place where we can roam, recalls, or forgets, where we savour and remember, where we can touch and brighten our existence where they become actions to transform the lives of others.  

As we train these thoughts to scale heights and endure pain calmly, to tolerate sorrows, and consider our joys; we learn the value and begin to appreciate the worth of these treasury of thoughts.  These thoughts have the ability to move and transport us high into holy realms as well as low into the depths of depression. Therefore care should be taken before these thoughts are put into words, as once they are spoken they cannot be retrieved.

Greatness that has been achieved was done because in order to accomplish anything one has to change the thoughts from, “I cannot to I will.” Therein the first step is taken to acquire the capacity to do it. Changing our thoughts changes the way we look at things and open the doors of possibilities. When we ponder and examine our shortcomings and review the mistakes we have made, our thoughts guide us to the problems encountered and the solutions to overcome.

None can interfere unless we allow them to, no eyes can view it neither can they touch or smell its sweet memories. No one has the ability to take it away only death can destroy them for only then they perish and cease to be. This treasure is regarded as the primary essence of our character, the source of all intrinsic worth.

There lies our strength when defined by our ability to control and discipline our thoughts and bring them into subjection to God’s will.  The Bible gives praise to the one who is able to rule his spirit than “take a city.” This strength forms the character and becomes the man. Constant control over our thoughts, will give us right control of our speech, and our conduct,  enabling goodness, peace, joy and love. These qualities when exercise will bear the fruits of purity of heart and mind.

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