Tuesday, 25 September 2012


What is said and what is meant can sometimes prove confusing hence boundaries must always be in place if we are to prevent and protect the most vulnerable in our society. Such demands clarity if we are to avoid the unpleasantness these actions can bring. 

Individuals in our society today especially our youth, are at that tender age where it becomes the concern of all to take care of them. Parental guidance is necessary, that is why they are mere youth. 

Most of that which some of our youth; as well as some members of society call love, are only blind impulses. Often the young are more susceptible to this charm; by fastening their affections on others without seeking the advice of parents and above all God many lives have been ruined. Time and again because of this infatuation with love and marriage and the influence of their surroundings and the deceit of those who know better many are mislead.

Far too often the young place their trust and affections on individuals who have no depth of thought or character; and while they are in this state of infatuation they sometimes refused to be cautioned by their parents, friends or even family.

On the other hand those adults whose determination to carry out what they regarded as right, irrespective of the law, should be held accountable for their actions. Many as a result of this infatuation lose all sense of reasoning not realizing no good can come of this intimacy or attachment.

These characters that ought to know better do not see their condition, although it is very apparent to others. That as adults they are responsible to look after and protect the vulnerable, instead because of their selfish desires to fulfil their lust, to the disgust and dismay of all, commit these terrible acts against the young. Causing heartache and distress; to their families and love ones.

Light does not come to a man who makes no effort to obtain it; and truth is there for those who seek such. We can all help to bridge the chasm to this social menace by teaching our children the correct way to engage with their peers and adults be it socially or intimately. By this we can ensure our children are safe, when they are away from home. 

Should our sons or daughters select a companion without first consulting their parents? When such a step must affect the happiness of parents if they have any affection for their children? Or should anyone steal the affection of our children without our knowledge? And should that child, notwithstanding the counsel and entreaties of his parents, persist in following his own course?

Most of that which some in our society term love is only blind impulse. This contagious disease....blind love has been the ruin of many, and those who find themselves in this activity seem to be devoid of good sense, and their course of action is disgusting to most if not all who observe it. 

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