Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Daily Inspiration
Our life is what we make it, by our own thoughts and actions. Our life can be a sweet savour of life unto life; or we can make it as bitter as gall. All this as a result of our choices we make each day. We can only attain to the measure we aspire to. We can sing praises to the Lord while we have our being; or we can do wickedly and rob ourselves of the joy of living.

Each day we continue to have new scenes and new trials to pass through and our past experience though useful cannot be our guide. As we lift our thoughts high, it becomes our soul task to experience the divine will and walk worthy, of the vocation to which we have been called. As you keep your mind from dwelling upon self and lose yourself in the divine; your maker, sincere love becomes the ruling principles of your heart.

Strive towards a cheerful and contented spirit; talk less about things that are unimportant, only then can you gain spiritual strength to aid you in your walk of life. Remember purity can only be gained by pure thoughts. There is a life to aspire to and you can only attain it when you begin to conceive it. Only on this path can you experience a foretaste of heavenly peace. 

God's glory and that which is revealed through the display of his mighty works is enough ground for praise which will lead you to a life of victory and cause you to triumph over evil. Devote quality time to prayer and praise; exercise faith in the only one who is able to keep you from falling, and you will receive spiritual strength which will enable you to make melody in your heart to God.

All who maintain a connection to the Great I Am will have a clear perception of truth, support and power, high purposes of action and will be able to diffuse happiness and peace. Knowing this may we give our life unreservedly to him, that we may dwell in love and peace with all men , contending with none, but loving all, thereby finding quality of life. We can have this power if we believe in him, take him at his words, acting in faith, only then will we experience the blessings.

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