Wednesday, 31 July 2013


For some to have a  lady propose to a man would be considered outrageous, and unacceptable; however in more recent times it has become normal for a lady if she is in love and has been dating for a long time to make the first move.
Many would agree that the lady should find ingenious ways of getting the man she loves to marry her, that she may lawfully do all in her power to get him to propose to her. On one hand she may show much pleasure to see him when he calls, or she may gently make suggestions that will encourage him to stay away so long; as to confuse him of her real feelings.

Some will argue it is the lady's right to modestly open the way for the approaches of that special man in her life, whose heart she honourably wishes to obtain; this is called making advances. This can be a risky ground for the woman to stand upon, however if conducted rightly it can work in her favour.

However innocent a woman may be it can be a delicate situation to be in as everyone will be watching her every step with a suspicious eye. It is therefore important that the woman be very cautious in making the first move.

Whether the man proposes or the woman, in my opinion is not important, what is most important is that they have a mutual love and respect for each other and desires to spend the rest of their lives together. For the man it may not be a big issue to wait indefinitely before proposing, but for the woman it is; as marrying early gives her a chance of  having a family. 

Having said all that marriage, is a union for life, and is symbolic of the union between Christ and His church.  The attitude we exhibit in marriage towards each other should be that of which Christ manifests toward His church.  Love for each other should reign supreme.

Courtesy, respect and cooperation should be evidenct between the couple.  In their mutual self-denial and self-sacrifice they will be a blessing to each other. 

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