Friday, 25 May 2012


Food is not only eaten for satisfaction but it is used in the healing process of mind and body. We can choose to eat the foods that heal or we can choose to eat that which harms, whatever our choice we should be prepared for the consequence.

Have you noticed how the question of depression seems to be a topic no one can overlook? Or how the young seems to be having this malady thrusts upon them? Depression what is it? For centuries many famous people have been plagued by this terrible illness, no one is exempt from the problem of depression.

Depression is defined as a state of feeling sad; dejection. It is also described as a psychoneurotic or psychotic disorder marked especially by sadness, inactivity, difficulty in thinking and concentration, with a significant decrease or increase in appetite and time spent sleeping; a feeling of hopelessness and sometimes suicidal tendency.

Sir Winston Churchill refers to it as the “black dog.” As he often had bouts of paralysing depression. Clinical depression however is different and the sufferers can benefit from medications. Let us make the distinction between clinical depression from the normal feelings due to disappointment which disappear as fast and mysteriously as it came. 

Statistics show that older people are more prone to depression than younger people though the symptoms are not as easily diagnosed among the elderly as they do not always exhibit the classic signs.

It is therefore imperative that we pay attention to our health by ensuring we eat the foods that are essential for a healthy mind as eating the right food can actually help to stabilise mood.

Here are lists of things that are recommended to ensure we keep our mind healthy:-
A balanced diet is suggested along with oily fish and food sources of vitamin B6 and B12; Linseeds, rapeseed oil and walnuts are other sources of omega -3 fatty acids. Also making sure there is not a lack of folic acid in the diet. Avoiding stimulants like caffeine which can interfere with sleep and mood.  As well as alcohol this can be a depressant.

As you limit your sugar consumption and consume more whole grains, bananas, potatoes, getting enough folate from the green leafy vegetables; not forgetting your orange juice,  while making sure you eat your asparagus, lentils, corn, peas and seeds. Note Asparagus contains purines, which are substances that promote the over production of uric acid therefore gout sufferers should consume this in moderation.

Water, so much can be said about it; here we see the importance of drinking plenty of this wonderful liquid as we strive to live a healthy life; may we continue to pay attention to details as it relates to our health and above all keep a healthy attitude.

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