Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Love and marriage are two of the most wonderful things still present in our miserable world. Many have tried love without marriage and some have even tried marriage without love, however between these two extremes there can be a happy medium. Love and marriage; though the former have worked we need both the love and the marriage ingredient to bring that happy factor into the union.

The couple now must endeavour to live a two- fold life of thoughtfulness and action as everything they do will have a lasting effect upon their relationship. Communication with God in prayer to help them in their lives will prove valuable to the quality of their lives, as this can only help them in the preparation of their daily duties and keep them in peace each day.

To the couple their truest sentiments can be seen in the admiration and love for each other, and although one may feel the deficiency of their character and the smallness of their ability in comparison to the other must not let it stand in the way of growing and blossoming into the wonderful couple they can become. To be happy in the married state is one of the most important things that can engage the couple; for to be happy in marriage one has to be properly mated.

Marriage is like a machine, although it may be perfect in all its parts there will be a lot of friction in its movements, however with a little oil applied it perform its work quietly and efficiently, so with us when the  oil of patience is applied the two will be able to avoid the friction that may arise between th.em. The oil of tolerance will then enable their labour to become one of love.

It is a wonderful thing not just to be in love, but to be married to the one you love. Do not be blinded by love into thinking matrimony is a state of happiness ever after. Never view matrimony as uninterrupted happiness, with no cloud to intercept its sunshine, no storms to interrupt its peace; if you cherish these thoughts you will be disappointed.

Above all remember in order to keep love alive you must continue to exercise patience, trust and love for each other. Maintaining respect one for the other as these graces are important elements in every successful relationship; inspiring each other with fresh zeal with each passing day keeping your hearts warm with love for each other; overcoming all your weakness, indecisions and inefficiencies as you grow stronger in your love and relationship.
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