Monday, 3 February 2014


The light of truth opens before all a powerful insight of the beautiful mind, a source of happiness where strength, wisdom and power and knowledge can be found, but we will not find it in selfishness; we will only find it when we become obedient and have a willingness to learn. Unless all powers of the mind are used and developed we cannot enjoy a well-balanced mind. 

The world is full of one-sided men and women, who unless they allow their mind to be freed from all hatred and folly, will not receive the invincible protection which Love affords, they have become such because only one set of their abilities to perform and act was developed while the others were neglected from inaction.

Every man has been given his work, and equally a measure of powerful insight of the mind has been imparted. Things are useful and thoughts are powerful in the measure that their parts are strongly and intelligently concentrated. God is constantly unfolding to our hearts the riches of His grace. Studying is good, however, we need to exercise balance in every aspect of life. 

We cannot over study while we neglect the things that pertain to a practical life. The purpose is the keystone of achievement. It binds and holds together in a complete whole that which would otherwise lie strewn and useless. Some have become parents without considering their responsibilities, and alas have watched their children sink lower to the extent of human deficiency than they themselves. It is therefore incumbent on us in order to preserve the balance of the mind, employment and study should be combined.

We should not crowd the beautiful mind with useless things, learning, should not be one-sided. We should be able to enjoy freedom from every depraved appetite and defiling habit.  The sickness of the mind prevails everywhere.  We need to recognize that half-hearted resolutions have no place in purpose. The purpose is the keystone if we will achieve. A large portion of the diseases from which many suffer have their foundation in the mind. Guilt is a chief contributing factor which unbalances the mind.

It is therefore important to all to have a well-nourished and healthy brain. This can be achieved by the right diet, and a careful selection of the things we feed our minds on; for we are admonished that whatever is good and true and of good report, these are the things we should think on. The brain is the organ and instrument of the mind and it controls the whole body, so in order for the other parts of the system to be healthy, the brain must be healthy. And in order for the brain to be healthy, the blood must be pure for by correct eating and drinking habits the blood is kept pure.

Doubt, anxiety, and worry are also barriers to happiness and can affect both mind and body. We, therefore, need to climb the tranquil altitudes constantly, day by day, as we reach for the only one who is able to give to us that imperishable Love; that love which only He can give which is able to dispel all grief and guilt.

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