Friday, 30 December 2011


We do have a great deal to say to our hearts. We must take positive steps to diagnose it, close examination will detect the problem and enable us to improve it and enjoy happiness.

Whatsoever things are lovely, just, true and of good report let your heart dwell upon them. Avoiding all excesses, taking care to attain a higher and better life.

Daily self examination will ensure our hearts are kept in good condition. "Procrastination is a thief of time,"  try not to delay to carry out this most important task.

Stock-taking of our action is important as this will gauge the temperature of the heart. Also we should let our conduct be profitable. Be cheerful, be courteous.

Examination of our conscience in regards to what we have done during the course of the day is an essential.

Special attention should be given to our duty to each other; our failures we should strive to improve. As we impartially examine our own failings, may we not meddle with the failings of others.

Exercise by giving, this you will find very therapeutic. Let us remember in giving we lose nothing but rather gain. When we let our minds think upon our Creator and how he has blessed us, this should inspire us to emulate His behaviour.

Benefits we have been given that are important to our peace of mind, should serve to motivate us to good works towards the less fortunate, propelling us to devise ways on how we can be or bring blessings to their lives.

Let us endeavor to try these simple steps, we owe it to ourselves. Let me share this beautiful story with you, as you ponder may you also see its beauty and share it with others.

The simplicity of the story of the “Parable of the Sower,” often goes unnoticed. This story is about our hearts. Here the heart is referred to as a soil. It tells of the four conditions of the heart.
The Sower's intention was to sow this world with truth; while he sowed he did so with words, words here liken to seed and seeds the word of God.

The Sower chiefly deals with the effect produced on the growth of the seed, by the soil into which it is cast. By this parable Christ was virtually saying to all who were listening; God knows our heart and we should allow him to help us.

A quick look at one of this type of heart, we see the “wayside soil” heart, and the action of the seed as it falls upon the (soil)heart of an inattentive hearer.

"And like the hard-beaten path, trodden down by the feet of men and beasts, this kind of heart becomes a highway for the world's traffic, its pleasures and wrongful actions. Absorbed in selfish aims and indulgences, the soul becomes "hardened through deceitfulness.” The spiritual faculties are paralyzed. Men hear the word, but understand it not, discerning not that it applies to them."

May we be truthful and honest to ourselves, not making excuses for wrong.

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