Wednesday, 14 December 2011


We live in an imperfect world where commitments are not adhered to, vows get broken and subsequently many seek to turn away from the Creator's intention that marriage is still the honourable thing to do. Choosing a wife then becomes important as it will determine your happiness. Gaining the right understanding of the marriage relationship will indeed last a lifetime. Love or blind impulse.

As a result all who seek a wife must recognise on this journey  you never graduate from this school.  Here the real test of love begins as the wife you have chosen sees your true character.  This then becomes the most critical time in  your experience.

In ancient times the period of the engagement was spent in preparation - the groom preparing the home for that wife while the bride prepares her self for her husband. In modern times it is somewhat different in that the weddings range from formal, solemn ceremonies to informal, to private gatherings. However form it takes the marriage commitment remains the same.  Faithfulness is still critical to the relationship.

As we examine the term "till death do us part." We see it reflects the permanence of the marriage relations. It is therefore important that we make the right choice. As we take a closer look at this special lady, may this article inspire the women who seek to qualify for this position and prove invaluable to the man who seeks to find that special lady.

Here are 9 points to consider:

1.  Trustworthy  
She should be one in whom you can safely trust. One who will do you good and not harm.

2.  Be Strong
She should be a strong woman realizing that it is her God given role, one that was designed for her, to be her husband's equal. She will not sacrifice her strength and lean totally upon you, rather she will be able to bear her share of life's burden.

3.  Be influential 
She should be that compelling force in your life, with the ability to bring out the best in you.  As well as being attractive, she will give you a sense of pride.

4.  Be Patient
A real virtue for her to possess as this will be necessary for a happy existence. Her love to God and love to her husband will be her priority.

5.  Be Considerate
Choose one who will be considerate, not only towards you but your parents, being mindful that they are important to you. Be accommodating especially during the times when they will need a strong son to lean on. One who will not alienate you from your parents.

6.  Be industrious 
She will seek at all times to contribute to her household, recognizing the value in the mundane household task as she seek to make her home a happy one.  "Idleness ought not to be her friend."  Very efficient in homemaking, who will seek at all times to avoid Excesses.

7.  Personality
This will play a very important role in the relationship. She can do much by her influence to  bless and cherish her husband, and thus fulfill her high mission. Her relationship with others, is equally important, as well as her sensitivity all these are vital things to consider as they will have a far reaching impact on your life.

8.  Be Respectful
She will appreciate you, and will make the "golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do to you." The motto for your home.

9.  Be An Economist
It is commonly said that "money makes and money breaks." She will ensure that your money will not be wasted, but spent wisely. In addition she will unite both incomes for the welfare of the home.


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