Friday, 23 December 2011


While it is possible to live and enjoy perfect health without  taking the life of any living thing, when we begin the natural diet a very sharp distinction will be noticed.

Our attitude between appetite and hunger will be changed as we find ourselves becoming more temperate and more aware of the ills of overeating as well as eating hurriedly; also we should learn the art of combination of fruits, grains, and vegetables into foods that will sustain life and will not bring disease. 

In adopting the natural diet the change should be made gradually, increasing the number of uncooked while decreasing the cooked food at the same ratio. There is no comparison or doubt that the food which God gave Adam in his sinless state is the best for man's use.
And so care should be taken in the preparation of our meal as we seek to eat more healthily.
If we have developed the habit of using meat every day, it might be omitted twice or three times a week and vegetables served as a substitute.

The nutritive elements in meat which we consume, these same elements can be supplied by vegetables, and fruits. Here we will find a great variety of delicious foods, many of which can be taken in their natural state.

Food in its natural state contains all its nutrition and therefore a balanced diet and the quantity we consume will adequately supply the necessary nutrients needed.

Many of the cravings we have for harmful substances example, tobacco, condiments, and cigarettes will be abandon as the causes will be removed when we gradually normalize and naturalize our diet. Let us take a careful view of every habit and every practice, and put away those things that cause an unhealthy condition of our body.

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