Saturday, 31 December 2011


The cruel-kindness of Indulgence is defined as the gratification of every desire or whims, especially to an excessive degree. Mothers have a great responsibility to raise children who will be a blessing to society.

"This cruel kindness is seen when the desire of children are gratified at the expense of  happy tempers; Because the mother find it easier for the time being to gratify them, than to withhold that for which they clamour."

Parents have a responsibility to preserve the very best health for their children. Let us look at the effect this has on the children from a moral, physical and mental points of view.

We should educate and enlighten our children upon the important subjects of health, and how to care for their bodies. Helping them to understand that life is a precious gift to be treasured. 

They should be taught the importance of regularity in their eating habit; that eating will not be allowed because they desire food. As their health will become seriously impaired. Constant snacking will not help them to form habit of self control. 

Children also must be instructed from their early years to be helpful. This will help them to be a great blessing. While children are kept busy doing their chores, they will have less time to be idle, also less opportunity to associate with unsuitable associate.

Working parents sometimes feel guilty for not spending enough time with their children; consequently they try to compensate for the lack by indulging the children.

Parents, indolence will not help them to gain physical, mental or moral health. So be very careful how you allow your children to have their own way. It is not a crime to deprive them of anything that will cause them to form habits which will prevent them from achieving their goals in life.

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