Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Racism an old problem, still present today, it has many faces, have been prevalent throughout history. It spoils relationships and ruin lives.  It never unites anyone, only brings division. 

Racism what is it? A closer look at racism and how it affects us all. 

The dictionary defines it as "an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason. 

Everyone has a social responsibility to consider the impact their actions will have on the rest of society, if we were to give this serious consideration the whole aspect  of racism would not raise its ugly head as selfishness would not control us.

Prejudice is one of the major cause of racism. Social justice demands that everyone in society has a right to be treated fairly, and to have their basic human needs satisfied. Nevertheless some folks do not think it is necessary to respect the idea that human life is important and therefore demands to be highly regarded regardless of their race or social class.

Why does it occur? There are several reasons why this exist and continue to affect us, and until we open our eyes to the ugly truth about racism, we will not be able to win the fight against it. Racism occurs because of ignorance on the part of the individual who practice this hateful attitude; laziness to obtain the facts is also a contributor to the ongoing practice of racism. 

Fear is also another contributing factor, as people close their mind and become willingly ignorant to learn the truth. Morally this is wrong, we all have a conscience, that still small voice which speaks to all and bring about conviction of what is right or wrong.

There are several steps that can be taken to help those who have experienced problems  of this nature; having a love for the truth can be a source of help as this will allow one to always seek to "prove all things." as well as to recognize that a knowledge of the truth has the ability to set one free, from whatever action that enslaves him. (John 8:32)

Another source of help can come from the media as they are a very influential agent in the fight against racism. They can seek to educate the society on the evils of racism through different programmes.

Prejudice a subtle yet dangerous behaviour, here for centuries, and will continue as long as individuals continue to remain ignorant. We can make a decision not to pre-judge and also teach our children to do the same.

I surely agree with Kate O'Hare when she says "When the judgement's weak, prejudice is strong." 

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