Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Becoming a good husband does not happen overnight, anybody can be a husband, but to become a "good" husband one needs to be a man of substance.  If the man recognizes that the home should be treated like a firm, then he will operate his home as he would his business.  Investing quality time, effort and above all love. By doing this you will not only enrich the family but bring happiness to all.  Here are ten steps to consider.
1 Be The House-band
If you are to be the "good" husband you will first need to be the "house-band." By this, I mean being loving and devoted to your wife. This will consequently draw her closer to you, which will only serve to unite the family into a stronger bond that cannot be broken. As the husband, you should be careful, attentive, constant, faithful, and compassionate. You should manifest love and sympathy, as this will only cause her to love you more. 

2.  Share The Burden
Do not allow your wife to be the sole disciplinarian of the family. The husband ought to realize the importance of discipline, therefore it is right for him to assist in the training of the children; subsequently, the children will look to him as their example.                                
3. Be Understanding
A "good" husband will find that having to understand is one of the most important tools in his marriage. Be appreciative of what your wife does, not only for her but for the family.

4. Quit fault-finding
If there is anything that destroys relationships this is it. Remember your wife is not perfect. If something needs doing; do it graciously, cheerfully and with lots of love.

5. Avoid Being Domineering
It is a misunderstanding to think because you are the head of the family you should dominate the household or be dictatorial; your presence at home should bring a ray of sunshine, not a cloud. Exercise your authority with humility remembering she is your partner.

6. Say Those 3 Little Words 
Say those three little words. "I am sorry." However insignificant you think this may be, it will make a big difference. 

7. Do not be quick to anger
Strive always to exercise patience. Cease from having the desire to do things the way you please. Seek to listen to what others have to say instead of having your own way. As you bring your will into submission to the will of God your influence in the home will be sweet and infectious.

8. Seek To elevate
Too often we are quick to be polite to strangers. However, when it comes to members of our family we are less likely to do so. Praise your wife, be thankful always. Do all in your power to make the life of your wife pleasant and happy. 

9.  Be Cheerful
You will not always agree with each other, this does not mean you should dampen the mood. Be ready to admit when you are wrong; be happy even if things don't go your way. Do not allow the problems of your business or job to bring darkness into your home life.[

10. Have Attainable Expectations
Do not set goals that you know she cannot reach. Speak lovingly to her, be compassionate do not fail to reveal patience, kindness, and love, and above all, be faithful. 


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