Monday, 26 December 2011


Time – Master and keeper, you are so ignored, wasted and soon forgotten.
Significant; the most important element of our existence for without it we cease to be.
Like smoke we appear, rise to great heights and then disappear.
Time moving as quickly as lightening. 
You disappear as soon as you appear; how timely, alas! How accurately. Slave to none, master of all. Teach us why we should not forget why we were born.

You who make the keepers of our house to tremble; even strong men you have brought low. It is you who cause the grinders to cease, making us unable to enjoy what we once use to.  Our ears and our sights are affected by you; you certainly know when our silver cords will be broken.

Tell me, why should I not delight, and be happy, for such a time when I shall see you no more? When you will be bound by eternity, no more at liberty to rule our existence, yes! Cast out into eternity! A place where you will cease to be master!

Time, o yes! Complex yet simpleMy master now! But not for long, for now we see through a dark lens, now we only know in part; this moment we have, the present is all you have given us!  

You never promised us tomorrow! So with the knowledge we have acquired, in the given time you have allotted, we will live wisely, knowing that though you are the master and keeper, of our existence now; soon you will be forgotten. Banished to that point, where time says farewell and ushers in eternity. A beautiful place where God exists.

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