Tuesday, 3 January 2012


To be free we must be able to resist instinctive impulse. Food without a doubt is important but the habit of constantly eating in between meals should be avoided. As we endeavor to form good habits we recognize that this will help us on the road to good or hasten us on the road to evil.

Therefore some adjustment must be made concerning our food intake in order to improve our health and our general well being.    As we examine this very delicate subject, may we be better able to manage our obligation as it is necessary if we are to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Did you know overeating is highly addictive?

Overworking the stomach is a very common practice. Whenever too much food is digested our entire system becomes burdened. This will ultimately result in obesity, which forms the foundation for many health problems.

Overindulging on food harms the body, in its effort to dispose of the excess amount food it has to do additional work. This causes a tired, weary feeling. Many are unaware that this feeling is not hunger but rather a result of the overworked condition of the digestive system.

We should not assume because we are eating wholesome food we are no longer in danger of obesity. Even wholesome food taken in large quantity can result in injury to our health and wellbeing.   

 We should be mindful 0f eating late at night as well as irregular eating practice. This will not enhance our health but will do more harm to our bodies than good.

We should avoid an excessive variety of foods at mealtime; especially when we entertain. We should make an effort to not only eat in smaller portions but consume a smaller amount of food types. When we have all of our meal from each section in the food group we have fulfilled our purpose.

Every day we find ourselves in a place where we are being relied upon to make important decisions, and often we have to make hasty decisions on things that are of importance, unless we practice self control with our eating habits we will not be successful in making right decisions.

Irregular eating patterns, such as snacking between meals, are also one of the causes of bad breath. This is due to the food residues stagnating in the mouth which causes mouth bacteria to rapidly and constantly break them down releasing an unpleasant stale smell.

We abuse ourselves in many ways one of which is in gorging on food. This practice will ultimately cause serious illnesses;making us a burden to our friends and family or even lead to premature death.

Let us endeavour to exercise caution in this habit, self-discipline in our diets will enable us to preserve the intellect and give mental and moral power. 

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