Thursday, 5 January 2012


The heart, the mind, our seat of intelligence; the powerful passion of the heart no human can control.

There is a mystery that embraces the whole world that one man could die for someone who hates him; another mystery to ponder is, that one small thing, our heart if guarded, becomes our shield for defence, our helmet for protection, our sword in the battle of life; without which there is no victory when affliction comes.

Therefore the heart has the capacity to trample reason. The  heart also has the ability to give and love, when free of selfishness and pride. The heart of man can be wise and wonderful; tenderly tuned. 

Jealousy, envy and malice; all these emotions when cherished destroy the sensitivity of the heart. Bearing thorns and producing the fruit of hatred, which causes the heart to harden and become unkind.

Hence we see murder, we hear of wars, talks of racism, the pain of slander and a ruin reputation. These are all the fruits of a degenerated heart.

So stop shouting Racism!  Stop blaming each other,whether you are white, or whether you are black, recognize the problem is not about race; it is a heart problem.  Colour has nothing to do with it. What if we were all born physically blind?
Racism or injustice; prejudice or preference; what is the difference? Just different names; same old "hatred" dressed up in a pretty robe, wearing a mask; pride another family member, they are all the same. All these are symptoms; of a hardened heart, a confused mind; the sooner we admit it, the sooner we can change it! 
How about a deeper experience? A more excellent way; a more precious truth; one that cannot be shut up in the heart, but is visible for all to see, for all to experience; love! Life without love; is like a world without the sun.

This is what we need, where love is, fear cannot dwell; the sweet elevating influence of love will restrain us; and help us to trust each other not mistrust. It transcends all boundaries, all barriers. It excels; it dispels all doubt; it is mighty, pulling down strong hold, yet gentle, softening our attitude.

Allow the ray of love’s softness to shine through; the sweetness to flow from your presence, then your changed life will be life changing. Changing homes; healing society; exalting our world by making it a happy place to be.

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