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Parents have an awesome responsibility in raising beautiful children. I am reminded of a maxim which states, “Those who walk with the lame will limp.” Here are the “Top Ten” list of important things that need to be in place for the moral development of children.
Learn Obedience
Children are to be taught that their abilities were given them to be used intelligently. Children must learn the lesson of obedience. Constant effort should be established to strengthen this  habit, as the practice of obedience is only established by recurrence.

Let Your Word Be Law
Parents develop good governance in the family and let your word be law; entertain no arguments.  Teach the children from childhood to totally obey you as the parents, do not feel guilty when you discipline the children, as a firm discipline may at times cause unhappiness, remember it will benefit everyone in the future. Children will always want their own way don’t give in to them.

Permit No Exceptions
Parents if your desire is to teach your children self-control, then you must first form the habit.There should be no exceptions allowed. Do not forget that you are the adult as well as the teacher, ensure that the rules you make are not disobeyed. Disobedience must not be allowed. Bring your children to the point of submission and obedience. Children are to understand that they are to obey their parents.

Requests Should Be practical
Parents make your requirements for the children reasonable; children must be taught pleasantly, without telling off or nit-picking.  Be kind, as Lessons on obedience and respect for authority, need to be often repeated if it is going to be a power for good.

Turning A Blind Eye
Disobedience - do not ignore this habit. The influence of one disobedient child will do great harm to those with whom he is acquainted. Instruct your children to honour you, do not allow your children to lightly esteem your wishes and pay no regard to the rules of the home.

Do Not Satisfy Selfish Wishes
Parents be careful not to spoil your children. Do not gratify their wishes or allow your children to demand attention and privileges that will cause you to suffer parental deprivation in order to indulge their requests; do not concede to their wishes. Children need to learn early that they cannot be gratified when selfishness prompts their wishes.

Never Permit Display of Angry Outburst
Stubbornness should be checked in the child as soon as possible; for the longer, this task is delayed, the more difficult it is to accomplish. Deal with it in a kind but firm manner;  His faults will only strengthen as he grows older.

Negligence Encourages Disrespect
Children should not be allowed to be disrespectful, unthankful, disobedient or spiteful. Parents do not neglect this trait or encourage disrespect in your children at home. If you do so then you will be liable. Remember your influence in the home is to be more important than anything else; Command the respect of your children. Tell your children exactly what you require of them. You cannot be on the same level with the children.

Teach Respect For Others As Well As For Property.
Let the children know before they go to school, to have respect for their teachers, principal of the school and their peers. Do not allow the children to be destructive, teach them not to use as playthings things which they have no right to touch. Children should be taught that they must not handle the property of other people.

Results of Unchecked Impertinence
Show respect for your children, and do not allow them to speak one disrespectful word to you. This practice if not checked early will be a thorn in your flesh. Teach them to observe good manners.

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