Tuesday, 24 April 2012



A careful understanding of what you were created for, and a thorough and painstaking effort to accomplish your goals should ever be your life work. As you advance, towards your goal ever following the path that God has chosen for you, which the infallible voice, will make clear to you if you seek Him with all your heart. You will pass on from success to success as you triumph, and scale heights of success you never imagined. As you rise step by step; to a higher place may your ever broadening outlook gradually reveal the essential loveliness and reason for your life.

May happiness, peace, health and satisfaction be yours; may everything you touch become a good thing and all that you do prosper. May you stand where health, success, and power prevails as each moment of your life becomes a lesson in life’s school. Never for once allow each fleeting hour to dictate the quality of your life, for your life is hidden in infinite wisdom, love and strength. Rather cling to God for He alone is able to lift you higher than the heavens, Cling to Him for only He alone can cause you to ride upon the high places of this earth and feed you with a rich heritage.

As love and patience abide with you through His sustaining grace, never step aside from His truth; for only then will you be able to experience life, to its fullest knowing that there are brighter days ahead. Do not be afraid to believe or pray for a happier world, a world that is beyond the grave.  Here awaits you all your hearts imaginings, all your aspirations will be realized all your hopes fulfilled a place of gladness for you.  Enter into and realize that happy world now; let it fill your heart with optimism. Soon the whole universe will become transformed by the spectacular appearance of the Grand Designer, the Creator of the universe.  So be at peace with yourself and remember within you, lies that glorious hope, that will allow you to find, acknowledge, and possess the new world.

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