Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Spring is here and with spring comes the talk of love. It is every woman’s dream to meet and fall in love with the man of her dream. Men love beautiful women, for the woman's beauty is the highest type of all beauty. The following list provides a quick reference guide of men about  women and the top ten things men love in women.

  • Men love beautiful women -by beauty we refer to the qualities present in an individual that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, therefore  cultivate a good character beauty does not translate mere physical appearance. Charm, goes a long way, therefore be charming as well as beautiful, for a charming girl will not stay single.

  • Physical Attractiveness: men love a well developed body; this will guarantee a man’s attention. Men crave for the strong qualities in women, as her health is vital to his happiness. Therefore a healthy body becomes indispensable to female beauty. 

  • Body Parts: Concerning the physical development of a woman; the bust still remains the most favoured area of the man’s attention. There is nothing that can equal full busts. The breast is not only seen as an indication of good health but also as good maternal qualities. It is a natural human instinct for men to admire the bust; as he thinks that this physical proportion in women indicate perfect motherhood.

  • Intelligence: a woman should cultivate her intelligent gifts, as a mother must naturally possess intelligence in order to rear her children sensibly; consequently men mostly admire this type of women, as it shows she will be an interesting candidate  for  companionship.

  • Sociable: Be friendly as well as sociable, entertaining and interesting: men find a cheerful woman very desirable. Therefore it is a good thing for the woman to be interesting and entertaining as well as practical and helpful.

  • Morality: men admire and love good women; Men who loves home also want a companion to share his life, consequently they will want to see these virtues in a woman namely honesty and devotion. Men admire these qualities in a woman as he thinks that it will enhance his home.

  • Attention: men not only want domestic contentment but your undivided attention.  Hence a faithful woman, will be very appealing to him; even if he is not faithful, he will do his best to get one.

  • Appearance: Take care of your appearance, look your best, you owe to your self; men love women who are reserved, shy and discreet, rather than the boisterous women.

  • Hypocrisy: this in women is very much disliked by all especially men, however a truthful, sincere and lovable woman will always be his first choice.

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