Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Dear God,
Today I thought about you and wondered if you cared. I then called out to you to enquire were you there? Are you willing to answer all my questionings?  You responded, with this love letter that really thrills my soul.

"My Child, I love you, you are my very special friend; and this is a sample of my love for you.  Whoever touches you, touch the apple of my eyes. I rolled around the sun to shine on you today, to keep you warm and to light your path. I spread out the clouds to bring you the rain, while I shelter you from the powerful  lightening...Which if not controlled would utterly obliterate all my creations. The sky was my canvass to paint the different colours of the rainbow, demonstrating my everlasting promise I made to you. Every breath I take gives you light; that your beautiful feet may never falter. The distance in space is so immeasurable, to attempt to measure the distance you would need a "space ruler" and call it light years; which would be equivalent to the distance at which light travels,  yet I am just a breath away.

Contemplate the light I provided for you how it appears as quick as the lightening, yet it covers 300,000km in a second! How many seconds are there in a year? but, I am a thought away!   If I withdraw my breath you would all perish.

Consider this! Who cause the beasts to go into dens and remain in their places? Or cause the bud of the tender herb to spring forth? The various temperatures; who do you suppose created these? Do you know anyone who can bind the sweet influence of Plieades? Or loose the bands of Orion? Observe the timely rotation of the sun; which causes the various seasons and times; and bring forth the days, months and years; the stars how they marched in their appointed order to obey me. Where were you?.... when I called the galaxies into existence and separated the Milky Way from the collection thereof?

Who provided food for the hungry and gives understanding to the heart? Consider this!  I give you all these beautiful creatures, the lion and the lamb, that they may be your servants; how I filled the sea with life and caused the birds to fly in the heavens.

Have you not heard? Can you not see, the heaven’s declaring my beauty as the morning stars sang together? Have a closer look at the stars some are whiter than others, and some appear reddish or orange look at the colours! Do not equate red as being the hottest because those beautiful blue stars I created for you, are far hotter than those striking red stars that you behold."

My response was  overwhelming. "Father while you spoke my heart was touched;  Forgive me, how could I doubt that you were there?  When you recalled your love for me in the simple things you have done for me. I am humbled by your generosity! I cannot help but shout oh Lord! How manifold are your works! I am enamoured by your love …… charmed by your thoughtfulness. Forgive me for my naivety; as I surrender my heart, soul, body and spirit to you.

I remain yours forever.

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