Saturday, 17 March 2012


Fruit Basket
One of the most reliable ways that have been proven in dieting is consistency in our eating routine.

The habit of late night eating is very counterproductive when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise regularly as this can reduce your risk of illnesses such as heart disease, strokes, diabetes and cancer by 50%. 
In recent times we have seen an increase in cancer, heart disease, and many others. As we seek to ensure that we maintain good health it is imperative that we know how to care for our bodies in terms of the various type of food that we allow to pass our lips.

We can make an effort to allow the benefit of Vegetables, fruits, and grains to compose the larger part of our diet. We should always strive to partake of foods that are not only healthful but sustains life; we should be prepared to learn to eat simply. Only recently we were told that red meat shortens the life span of the individual.  

When we eat meat we are but eating grains and vegetables at second hand; when we receive it by eating the flesh of the animal. How much better it would be to get it direct.

Another stimulant we should strive to avoid is coffee. This is just another drink that is of different degrees in the scale of artificial stimulants. Coffee is not the best drink one could have. It temporarily excites the mind. With an after effect resulting in exhaustion; those who resort to  coffee  for stimulation to work will feel the effects of this in trembling nerves and lack of self-control. 

Let us realise that our health is in no way improved, when we use those things which stimulate only for a time, but afterward cause a reaction. One that is harmful to us. When we follow the simple diet and avoid eating between meals we will find that we will have no need for dieting programs.

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