Friday, 3 February 2012


Sunset -girl gazing
Human life, when truly lived, is uncomplicated and truly wonderful. Lovely is defined as inspiring love, or having beauty that appeals to the emotion as well as the eye. As we live each day may we strengthen our  personality; each day may we open our hearts to love and be loved. 

Be assured that with each day comes a new dawn in time; bringing about new beginnings and new promises. A day in which we can decide to live to inspire someone to be the best they can be. A day when we do lovely things in order to make someone happy. With this action we can gain fresh hopes and new opportunities. For you it can be the day of a rekindling of high aspirations, bright friendship and wonderful fellowship with those you love.  A new start from your old past with its misunderstandings and incorrect decisions; a saddening burden. Inspite of this you can rise to become new.

Personal happiness is therefore achievable when you exercise control. We tell a lot about ourselves when we exercise self control. Strive to maintain a peaceful and trustful attitude.  As we exercise a happy cheerful contented disposition we will not only enhance our health but make others happy. Although not always possible we should endeavour to restrain the desire to say a smart thing at the expense of someone’s feeling. The selfish person say unkind things without thinking, he would prefer to give up his friend rather than his jokes. Hence "The mouth of a wise man is in his heart; the heart of a fool is in his mouth."

Kindness is like an ornament we should always wear it; like gold tried in the fire is pure so our conduct should always be. We can only find this possible as we cleanse our mind by dwelling on pure thoughts. Far too often we allow apprehension to prevent us in presenting unpleasant but important truths.

We should prepare ourselves to be placed in any circumstances in life. Consequently we need to remind ourselves that as the farmer prepares the soil for the planting of the seed, so the trials of life prepare our hearts for life’s conflicts. As dark is to night and light is to dawn, so the circumstances of life cast a shade over our life resulting in the preparation of a life of power and purpose.

Every heart yearns for human love, be friendly, ensure when you give your heart the love is respected and appreciated. May life experiences softens the heart with sympathy, and enriches the mind with thoughtful contemplation enabling positive actions. Love is the remedy for hopelessness; Let us bring gladness, peace, and joy into the lives of others. Keeping the good of others continually before us, thus restraining us from inconsiderate actions.
There are rights indeed, which belong to every individual. Do not allow your identity to be lost in that of any other. Act for yourself, according to the dictates of your conscience.
Finally...let your words be seasoned with grace, and then as they are hung into “Memory’s Hall” there will be no regrets, only a constant recollection of all that our lives should be.


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