Saturday, 11 February 2012


There are periods in our existence when there comes a time for the need of affirmation. Wisdom therefore should be sought at all times. True greatness is seen in those who possess this quality. Consequently it is important for us  during these Interludes of our lives when we have to brighten the corners where we are. Ah! forget the attitudes of others, and focus on your condition. For as the clay is moulded and fashioned in the hands of the potter; so should your life be transformed in spite of the clutter of life’s situation.

Recognising that wisdom ways are ways that brings happiness; as you ponder on the path of life, study the right ways and write them upon the tables of your heart.

As you travel along life’s troubled pathway there will be the need to seek after wisdom.  Refuse not instructions as they are the light that leads the way through the darkness of perplexities. And when you seek these things forget not that you can perceive the words of understanding. Whatever you do ensure that you do not commit the least injustice to gain an advantage for yourself, but strive to help others in small matters as well as in great.

Exercise discretion as it shall preserve you; gain understanding also and it will help you. It is not about aptitude but humbleness. True greatness has resulted from our recognition of this fact.

We sometimes think our way is the best, however let this not blind you to the fact that he who listens and take counsel is shrewd. We were all created with a will, be not afraid to exercise it. Never belittle others; or dismiss the only one who dares to care by showing you your faults.

Above all be true to yourself and be not anxious about tomorrow; remember that sorrow, pain and all the sadness in life will not remain but will eventually pass away like a vapour. 

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