Thursday, 23 February 2012


Watts marie fox 1854 by George Frederic Watts
The home is the first school of the child. The education of each child should begin here; parents should teach their children to be kind as well as patient. Teach them to be thoughtful of others. Make your home to be a school where the children are shaped in character polished after the likeness of a palace.

With parents as their teacher, children are to learn the lessons that are to guide them throughout life. They should be taught lessons of respect, obedience and self-control. Whether we agree or not it is proven that the instructive influences of the home are a decided power for good. If children are not instructed other agencies will do it for you. Therefore how important, then, is the school in the home?

 Every parent has the responsibility of giving not only physical, but mental, directions.  It should be the object of every parent to ensure his child has a well-balanced character.

The work of training the young is of great importance.  This work requires an earnest, thoughtful and prayerful effort. As parents seek to do this work they will eventually see confident children arising, children who will not be easily swayed by pressures or feel the need to rebel against the authority of their parents.

Let us remember that children need strong parents who know what is best; so parents need to find the time to listen to their children, more than ever, as they grow older and become teenagers clear and open line of communication becomes necessary.

Parents never forget the challenges that they face each day; each one can seem enormous to them, however with your support it becomes easier for them and prevent them from being swayed by negative influences.

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