Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Glasses of wine

Anything that has the potential to harm my health I will avoid. I wonder how many of us can safely say this, and really mean it?  The habit of social drinking has become the norm for many; as a result we see the effects of its use. It now seems to be a demon that cannot be shaken off.

Every generation brings its own fresh problems. In almost every case disease and premature death occurs before the appointed time. It is no secret that alcohol is bad for the health and that it is addictive, yet thousands continue to use and abuse it in the name of pleasure.

There has to be an underlying problem that causes one to continue to hit the bottle knowing full well the result their action will bring. Often it is forgotten that man’s true place on this earth is not that of a slave.  Until we realize that weaknesses are self destructive, we will not be able to exercise self control. Unless we advance with a series of efforts we will only destroy ourselves.

Everywhere is seen young people hitting the bottle. The sad commentary is that a lot of folks who started this habit in their youth if the truth be known have regretted it. Everywhere you can see signs that they are not in charge of the alcohol but rather the alcohol is in charge of them. The streets are filled with the young as well as the old who have failed to master the habit and have been mastered themselves. Everywhere are young lives being wasted as a result of alcohol addiction.

It is only the lack of self-control that brings men into the lowest point of ruin; the habit of taking  the occasional drink has become a tightrope that many cannot walk. Only by total abstinence will many overcome this desire for health-destroying pleasure.

Drinking alcohol is never a safe course to follow. The excessive use of alcohol has contributed to many a broken homes and relationships, it is also a  contributor to premature death.

Some facts on alcohol:
 The habit of taking a cold shower, or drinking coffee and similar remedies to help you sober up is a myth.

Large amount of alcohol consumption can lead to impotence, male breast growth and a shrunken testicles.

Alcohol is absorbed into the blood stream of women more quickly than it does for the men.

A glass of wine has the same calorie as a slice of cake.

A pint of lager is equivalent to a burger.

Calories from alcohol is empty calorie, they are empty and extra fattening.

The grave swallows daily, by scores, drunkards, every one of whom thought he was safe while he was forming this habit. Let us not educate the appetite to crave strong drink. The more the appetite is indulged, the more frequent will be its demands, and the more difficult to control.

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