Monday, 27 January 2014


Devoted hearts, and truthful, loving words, will make happy people and result in happy families. It will exert an elevating influence upon all who come within the sphere of its influence. While women want men of strong and moral characters, men they can respect and love, these traits also need to be mingled with tenderness, devotion, and patience. 

Here are some things which should be considered: 

When a young man meets an attractive young woman for the first time, he is usually shy; which often makes him awkward, sometimes cause him to stutter uttering words that can be very funny. He is often more attentive to the young lady he feels a strong attachment to; often captivated by her appearance and wishes to become better acquainted. As the two persons become acquainted; they are infatuated with each other, and their whole attention is absorbed. Reason can somewhat be blinded, it is, therefore, important that you give diligence to these things.

Ladies, before showing any interest or accepting any request for a date, it would be wise to inquire from your friends or his friends if he is available, or if there is anyone paying special attention to him as failure to do so may cause heartache and disappointment.

If having done your inquiry you find that he is available, it is appropriate to allow him to pursue you. By calling you, and inviting you on a date he is showing that he is interested.  Don’t be too hasty in accepting his offers;  a refusal can allow you to see his reaction.

Young men be aware that if the lady refuses your first offer it doesn't mean she is not interested; it could simply be that she does not wish to seem too eager. As well as it could be that you have taken her by surprise and she does not wish to give too prompt an answer. You may be let down, but don’t make yourself a fool for any lady, it’s not worth it.

Pay attention to the company you are in, and act accordingly. Don’t be a wet blanket.  Be happy with those who are and composed with those who are, steady with the ones who enjoy sound reasoning and attentive to those who take pleasure in a good conversation.

Ladies be careful not to allow him or any other man for that matter to trifle with your heart. Ask yourself the question is his principles correct in this direction? It is often the case for some men to amuse themselves by playing with the feelings of women.

Men you too also need to be careful of women whose sole intention is to amuse themselves by playing with your feelings, do not allow anyone to trifle with your heart. Never allow yourself to be trifled with.  It is a grave matter in the sight of God, to trifle with someone's heart. 

Ladies, always remember, when a man pays you attention for a length of time, without giving you to understand what he wants – make him come to the point, do not be ignorant, otherwise it may be to your ruin. Ensure that he understands that a proper respect for yourself compels you to ask him his motive for visiting you. Let him know you need to understand his reason, never be afraid to speak up for yourself.

Understand that if your hope is to marry in the future you would desire that in doing so, you would not be mated, but matched. Therefore see to it, there is nothing of vital importance wanting in the one you make your husband/wife. Marriages that are impulsive and selfishly planned generally do not result well but often turn out miserable failures. Think well enough and ensure that in the event that you marry him/her you are in love, as you will be linking your interests with his/her for life.

Ladies in your relationship, if he asks you to marry him, ask whether it is for love that he wants to marry you? If he has other reasons for marrying you except for love, tell him no! Men the same applies, never marry any lady unless they love you. Be determined to carry out that which you purpose. You are not at liberty to settle for less, for you are special, you are valuable, you were created for greatness, to become all that you can

Give yourself adequate time for observation on every point, and after you do, engage others, allow your mother who loves you, and your father, and confidential friends make critical observations of the one you feel inclined to marry.   It is better not to marry at all than to be unfortunately married. 

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