Thursday, 23 January 2014


Thou shall love me with thy whole heart.

Thou shall not keep any secret with anyone but me; for I thy husband is a jealous husband.

Thou shall not speak thy husband’s name with disrespect.

Remember thy husband’s commandment and do them.

Honour thy husband and cause no contention over trivial matters that thou may’st be long in the home together.

Thou shall not kill the love; but add some spice.  
Thou shall not cheat.

Thou shall not find fault with thy husband’s mother.

Thou shall not allow thy husband to wear button-less shirts; but shall ensure his clothes are neat and fashionable.

Thou shall not be a lover of pleasure more than a lover of thy husband.

Thou shall not compete with the style of thy neighbour, unless thy husband is able to afford it.

Thou shall not covet thy neighbour’s mansions, cars or his wife expensive handbags; or anything that is thy neighbour’s.

Thou shall not over spend and cause financial distress to thy husband.

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