Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Father affectionately called dad is someone who holds you when you cry and scold you when you break the rules; shines with pride when you succeed and have faith in you even when you fail. 

Remarkable fathers - the Gentle Giant 
The good father protects his children, he is not remiss in his love for them. He nurtures and teaches them how to be strong. The children rise up and esteem him. 

To be a good father you should be affectionate towards your children, providing all things to make them comfortable. Corrects them in love when they err. If men only understood how love conquers; how prevailing is its might, how compassion heals, how precious is their presence to their children. The sweet contentment and joy it brings to little hearts; they would seek to form a strong early bond with their children. No one can replace a father's love! If they only understood!

Marvellous, Manly and tender-hearted
Be always available to help your children. Do not think you are weak for showing them affection. The home is a better place because of you.. by your love you bring a sweet savour to the home and enhance the emotional as well as the spiritual well being of your children.

Open your heart and become vulnerable, allow your boys especially to learn, it is okay to cry, to be gentle, to be polite and respectful to all. Thus your influence will be stronger than those of their associates; and as you allow the children to see that you have their best interest, their happiness will increase, as their confidence grows.

Unfolding Natural Beauty
You must earnestly seek more wisdom; be aware that your task is an extraordinary one, for you are dealing with young minds, at the most impressible time of their development. 

Make the moments count; recognizing that the moments are priceless treasure them, spend golden hours with your children, as time pass, their joy will abide, no true thing that you do for them can pass away and be lost; this love, this bond will grow their confidence and prevent their young feet from straying; as they grow older, your wisdom, knowledge and love, they will seek before making life-changing decisions. They will come to trust your judgement, creating a bond that can never be broken, 

Exercise Authority with Humility
Fathers know your children; become acquainted with them. Do not become so absorbed in your business life that you miss the opportunity to study the natures and necessities of your children. Each day devise ways to get to know each one of your children and their varying dispositions, thus securing their love and respect.

We honour those special men, brother, husband, father and friend. Remarkable men, the protectors and carers of their children. Men who value their role and assume their responsibility with pride. Men, who stand in his noble, God-given manhood, ever seeking to uplift his children? May you continue to be a beacon of light. 

If men only understood, that their neglect and absence, breeds resentment and hurt in their children; if men only understood how love conquers, faith strengthens, how prevailing its might, comforting its presence, and powerful its influence. They would ever live in love caring for their own. If men only understood!

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