Monday, 6 January 2014


My dear Son, 

I am writing a few things I wish to say to you, the first day I behold your beautiful smile I thank God for you. You will always be my treasured gift! My beautiful jewel, priceless! Today you are a bundle of joy, but tomorrow you will be a handsome noble man.

I pray that God will grant you strength and wisdom; and guide your young feet in the way they should go. Satisfy you with good health and long life, so that you may never be disappointed, or become discouraged when the task of life becomes too much to bear.

I now understand what God meant when He gave us His precious son.  May you grow lacking in nothing, as you follow life’s golden rule for success; by putting first things first; work before you play, remembering that duty is always first before enjoyment, and others before self. So that all other things will follow in harmonious order; making your life simply beautiful, successful, and peaceful.  

May your experiences allow you to become the template from which the love of God is expressed; and as you grow into a young man, your dreams will be realized; as you grow from strength to strength. Hoping with my whole heart you will become a gentle giant, calm and patient, overcoming all obstacles. Allow God to guide you; as you stay in his love; never betray his trust! And He will grant you a bright future filled with hope and happiness. 

Know that nothing can frustrate your dreams or make your dreams impossible to achieve, if you are determined to succeed. May your aspiration be a longing for the heavenly things; for there can be no progress or success without sacrifice.

Become the noble man which is your high calling. Not a man of passion eager to put others right; but a man of wisdom putting you right. Be self reliant and resolute in recognizing that the higher you lift your thoughts the manlier, and upright you will become. Hence the greater will be your success and the more enduring will be your achievements

God's grace and love will fall on you like a gentle breeze is my desire for you and give you the inner strength, peace and patience you will need on your journey through this life! 

As you develop my hope is that, you will give earnest consideration to gain a right understanding, and see more clearly the relations of things by the action of cause and effect, and thereby cease to worry and grieve, but remain poised, steadfast, and serene throughout your life as you become a blessing to all you meet.

Finally be happy, never quit, always abide in peace and never forget that joy cannot remain with the selfish, but is found only where love is. Be careful in little things and above all fortify yourself against all evil.

Your Mother

- R.E. Bloomfield

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