Monday, 16 September 2013


Guardian Angel
Holy Father, Immortal from whom all gentleness and goodness comes. Penitently I pray thee for the children whom thou has given me to bear. Keep them in thy grace and holiness, that thy name may be glorified in them. Direct me by thy grace to raise them towards the glory of thy holy name and the benefit of other people. Grant me the gift of the patience necessary to do so.

O Lord, enlighten the mind of my children with the wisdom to learn to love thee in their souls and thoughts. Instill in their hearts the fear and abhorrence of every vice, that they may be able to go the right way without sin. Adorn their souls with purity, goodness, humility, diligence, patience and every virtue. Guard their lips from every slander and lies. Bless my children that they may progress in virtue and holiness and grow under thy care into honest people. May their guardian angels be with them, and protect them in their youths from misleading thoughts, from the evil and sinful temptations of this world and from the traps of all unclean spirit. And when my children sin before thee, do not turn away thy face from them but according to thy great mercy be merciful to them. For you alone are the one who cleanse people from all sin.

Reward my children with worldly good things and everything they need for Salvation. Keep them from wrath, anger, evil, misfortune and suffering all the days of their lives. O good Lord I pray thee, grant me joy and happiness from my children. Keep me in righteousness and justice, that with thy children I may stand before thee in the day of thy dreaded judgement, and that without fear I may say: Here I am Lord with the children that you have given me, that together with them I may praise your most holy name of the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit from ages to ages. Amen.

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