Sunday, 27 October 2013


Restr: Miranda - The Tempest

Our heart is the most wonderful organ that has been given to man, it has the ability to love; a truly rewarding experience. It also has the ability to be broken; therefore we ought to cultivate carefully the soil of our heart.
We should carefully guard and tend this beautiful garden of our hearts, this can only be done by diligently sowing good seeds each day, and caring for our hearts by weeding out every unsightly weed, that comes in the form of malice, envy, jealousy and pride. Every one of these defects has the ability to mar our character, in short, we need to cut them away so that the beauty of our character will not be marred.

The prevailing influence of this world encourages us to follow the natural inclination of our hearts, but a heart that is not softened, controlled and moulded by the Spirit of God can be a heart that becomes desperately wicked; without restraint. Our home, on the whole, becomes the first area that needs to be attended to. There we are to be on our guard and watch for the welfare of each other as we shall be called to give an account of every member. Care is to be rendered, especially to the young; wrong habits to be corrected and good habits formed as these will enhance and make for a successful life. Allow none to sow the garden of the heart with wrong principles.

Weeding and Seed Sowing
Because the heart cannot be seen, many neglect the care of such and allow the soil of the heart to be overgrown with the weeds of life. Worry, anxiety, hatred, and folly becomes the daily practice and the showers of God's grace is neglected; the seeds of truth which should be carefully sown are neglected and the heart become choked and we reap a harvest of shame and sorrow is borne. Today we can see the harvest of sorrow in a beautiful world where the garden of the heart having left unattended becomes destitute of true goodness because we have failed to keep from evil association with the careless and the restless; and the seeds of death, heartache, grief and misery has been the result.

The weeding of the heart, therefore, demands that a work is done; and that all worthless and poisonous weeds, of malice, envy, anxiety, and hatred are dealt with; so as to prevent these weeds from choking the precious plant of the heart of its moral principle and truth. Protect the garden of the heart daily, by weeding out all these unpleasant weeds in order for the precious garden of the heart can grow.


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