Thursday, 31 October 2013


John Waterhouse

Spring Spreads One Green Lap of Flowers

There is a higher standard that all can reach. What do you do with failure? Do you become despondent? Do you give up? Or do you simply just try again? 

Failure has the ability to show us our weakness, and our strengths; from your particular failure there is wisdom that is gained that would otherwise not have been. None could have led you to this wisdom but the experience you gained through your failure. Every mistake you make, every fall you encounter, there is a lesson of vital import if you will but look for it. Utilize your failure as precious lessons that will lead you to ultimately succeed.

The foolish man blames others for their mistakes, however, there is a higher standard that all can reach; only the wise will benefit, for the wise man acknowledge his mistakes and takes responsibility for his own conduct. Wisdom is better than gold, and to choose to understand is better than silver. In every failure there is a better understanding of what to do to succeed; understanding is a fountain of life to those who possess it. Strive always for a wise heart that you may discern and thereby avoid making the same mistake over and over again. Always remember where failure is experienced, the greater and enduring will be your victory if you allow your experience to make you wiser.

Do not allow failure to stop you from reaching your goals. There is a higher standard that all can achieve; therefore whatever conditions are rendering your life burdensome, you can overcome them and achieve your goals if you persevere and utilize the power that is available to you.  Every failure can be traced to something we have omitted to do, failing to see that they are merely steps towards perfection and success. Reformation then becomes inevitable, a necessity in avoiding failure. As long as life shall last there will always be success and failure; depend upon God, not man, For it is God's will to see us prosper in all that we do; and he is able to assist us. You can succeed only through practice. Acquire the skill through daily and diligent practice, this will lead to success.   

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