Monday, 13 May 2013


Leighton Frederic - Idyll c. 1880-81
May your influence be a never-ending song
An unceasing influence;
Your smile and encouragement an inspiring force.
May you bring sunshine to the hearts of all you encounter,
With the words of love, life and your smile of approval;

Thoughts have a powerful effect on your feelings;
Therefore think pure thoughts to elevate; raise your praise!
Then speak life to your hearers and give joy to the downcast.
As you climb upwards, moving steadily towards your goal.

The path of life is strewn with many blessings,
All have received; so look up and live;
Remember your ways are always before the Lord,
Who ponders on all your ways; guiding your every step.

Speak life to your situation, You are a winner! God's beloved.
Your high calling demands it! Make humility your garment,
Along with praise and worship of God Almighty.
Go forth as victors; you are taken by the words of your mouth
Shout your praises! Raise your standard, you are a child of God.
Heirs of His kingdom, His beloved!

- Rose Bloomfield -

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