Friday, 12 April 2013


Many imagine themselves to be in love especially the young, when in truth they are not! They trust altogether too much to impulse. To trifle with hearts is wrong in the sight of a holy God. Often their supposed passion is just a fancy for the moment. An eager young man is introduced to a pretty or interesting young lady he should not give himself away too easily, nor be captivated too readily by the attractive exterior of the other.

Far too often we see an ardent young man pursuing a young lady, showing affection and preference for her, making her feel special while she is thinking that she has found the man of her dreams and then only to watch the relationship fall apart; as one go their way and forget all about the words they have spoken and their effect; as a new face attracts them, and they repeat the same words, and devote to another the same attentions.

 In their brief conversation he is head and ears in love with her. Good common sense is needed here if anywhere; If he is a sensible man he will not betray his weakness; dating carried on in this fashion will only lead to disappointments. Should he declare his love for her he would only be looked upon as superficial, someone with little or no stability! 

It is impossible to know if you are in love until you give the relationship enough time to reveal to you the ways, the dispositions and even the innermost thoughts of your companions. Often because the couple is hasty and imagine they are in love the good name of honor is sacrificed because of this infatuation, which leads to marriage; they are married because passion moved them, and soon the novelty of the affair is over, and they begin to realize what they have done. It is always wise for both parties to get to know each other, supposing there is no deception on either side, that two lovers have laid bare their innermost soul to each other and mutually understand each other’s tastes and dislikes, peculiarities and habits? If knowing all this increase rather than decrease their feelings for each other then you may know you are fond of each other. If all couples would adhere to this test then what a lot of heartbreak would be avoided? There would be less divorce and many more happy homes.

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