Wednesday, 10 April 2013


We know the dangers and indecision that beset us in this present time are not few or small.  We live in an age when to resist the wrong calls for everything. It calls for vigilance it calls for divine help.  In your entire situation you should ever keep in mind that you can be victorious, never give up on yourself, strive towards your goal, and let none tell you, you cannot achieve it. With faith and humble hearts, seek the Lord for wisdom to find out His way, and how you can gain the necessary strength to walk in it.

Develop good habits that will enhance you in your pursuit; there is nothing that can keep you away from your goals except you. The will is the determining influence, the power within us.  Therefore if the will is set right, your life will experience the change. The will is not inclination, but it is the choice, the deciding power that has been given to you to make you victorious.

Finally, say, "I can, I will." be strong, the true test of character is found in the willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure success; don't be afraid, because fear will prevent you from doing the work that needs to be done. Do not dwell too much on the dark side of life, when you might rejoice in the sunshine; do not complain but be glad; don't talk of the failures just keep on keeping on; look at the pleasant things, don't dwell on the disappointments, or sigh over what might have been. Rather every day take note of the favours, and the steps you have taken towards your goal.

In every business transaction, in all the details of your life the strictest principles of honesty are to be maintained. These are not the principles which govern our world; but in doing what is right will be your advantage irrespective of what others are doing. Deviation from perfect fairness in business deal may appear as a small thing in the estimation of some, but it is great gain, your reputation for straight forward honesty, will be respected. The man who steadfastly adheres to his principles will win the confidence of all. Not only will he be trusted, but others will be constrained to acknowledge him as a man of honour.


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