Saturday, 23 March 2013


A close look at society today shows that all is not well. The world is in turmoil, everywhere men’s heart are failing them for fear.  All may receive fullness of joy if we but seek to know the will of God and do them. Is there a solution for all these problems?  I certainly know there is. What about you, do you think there is a solution to all these problems?

We are not to depend on our own strength to change our character; this will not come to us by some miraculous work, but by allowing God to change us. All of us have been given time to improve on the gifts that has been given us, to some a measure of faith to others hospitality, when we begin to use these precious gifts to alleviate the suffering of mankind then we can truly say we have fulfilled our god-given responsibility.

May we never imagine that selfishness, self-esteem, and self-indulgence are compatible with the Spirit of God; the rules and ways of the world are not to be our pattern if we are to make the necessary change in helping each other along the path of life.

In life we will encounter difficulties on every hand, however if we love each other and strive always to follow God’s guidance in the care for all we will find that our path though difficult at times will be scattered with blessings from above to brighten our journey.  

Let us by our actions show that we recognize the great task entrusted to us. May our light shine so clearly that others can see and experience the change necessary in their daily lives.

When we begin to see less of self and seek to live life to the fullest we will understand that it is found in helping the feeble, and strengthening those who have no strength, recognizing that though food, clothing, and wealth may have their value; love towards each other is of priceless value.


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