Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Henri Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901)
: Madame Palmyre with Her Dog, 1897
When the great clock of time strikes, God will intervene.
He is on time all the time, ever faithful, never ceasing.
So cry out with your whole heart; he will hear you.
You will not be disappointed or abandoned by God.

Knocked down yet you will rise, you will not be destroyed.
Troubled on every side? Do not be distressed, you're blessed!
Any perplexed? Do not despair, press forward and rise!
Rise before the dawning of the morning; cry out to him.

Cry for help, hope in his word, he loves you!
He will give you understanding; act now and go forward. 
You are valuable to him; you are a victor.
So receive his love trust his heart; you are his masterpiece.
You have been endowed with imperishable riches.
You are his creation; what love! What amazing love!

Difficulties will be powerless to hinder you.
Determine to make that change today, 
His everlasting arms let it encircle you.
Turn to him, turn to him for aid. 
Make Him first and last; best in everything. 

Then God will take possession of the heart.
He will transform the life like no other.
Then love, humility, and peace will take the place of anger,
Joy takes the place of sadness.
And the power which no human eye can see,
Will begin to create in you a new life altogether lovely.

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