Monday, 26 August 2013


My beautiful one, how has time past?
It seems like yesterday since you were born;
You came into our lives and into our hearts;
May God continue to hold you now and always!
We love you.

SO Cool
You are a treasured gift from God!
As I watched you blossomed from year to year,
A picture of loveliness you became, we love you.
Eternally grateful to the Only Wise God for lending you to me.
So cool that you're a peculiar kind, of Royal descent.
Heir of God, and fellow heir with Christ.

My desire for you...
Practice temperance, purity in thought and heart and action.
Because you belong to God, remember self-denial and self-control,
These qualities will only lead you into path of righteousness.
Do not be conformed to this arrangement, but be transformed
By the renewal of your mind.

Show others it is cool to have sound constitutions and good morals.
For it is not God's design that you should live for present gratification.
Avoid contaminating influences; be pure as your heavenly father is pure,
Surround yourself with influences that tend to strengthen your character.
Erect barriers against the sensual indulgence of the age;
Never be afraid to say no to anything that will displease your Heavenly Father.

You were bought with a price - the precious blood of His dear Son.
Therefore you are not ordinary; you are extraordinary for you are His;
You are polished after the similitude of a Palace; Royalty, our Princess.

Higher than our very thoughts can reach is God’s ideal for you;
So be on good terms with all, if possible live peaceable with all men.
Never be afraid to express yourself! Speak your truth quietly, and with clarity;
Stay focussed, be kind, strive for happiness! It is achievable,
For with God all things are possible.
Love you always and forever.

-Rose Bloomfield -

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