Monday, 13 August 2012


In the race of life all run to win a prize, that special kind of achievement that make our lives worthwhile.  In the week that has passed we have seen the thrill of victory of so many who have worked hard and have been rewarded. Many have cried tears of joy just having their dreams realized and the bonus of winning a medal. Without a doubt we all know that many sacrifices have been made in order for these athletes to be there, while some may be disappointed that they have not won a medal they should still be happy that they were privileged to be a part of such a wonderful experience.

Many have shed tears of sadness, as they watched their dreams shatter before them, their hopes dashed as the medals they so desired was not to be. On the other hand we all watched and were very proud of them all, because we could see that many sweats and tear had gone into their preparation and in any given race there has to be a winner. For me they are all winners,  gaining maximum health, beautiful bodies and above all strength of character.

Let us always remember that  life will not always be what we want it to be, in spite of our many efforts to prevent disappointments they will come anyhow. As the showers of rain prepare the crops of grain and fruit, so the joys and sorrows of life prepare the heart for the enduring beauty of life. As the sunny sky brightens the earth and provides us with sunshine for food; so the happiness of home cast a glow over the heart to prepare it for greater things. Do not for a moment think your life will always remain this way, whatever the disappointments, sorrow or pain, it too will pass away like a cloud. Troubles last only so long as there remain some seeds of self which needs to be removed. Adversities in life only serve to accomplish two things it makes you bitter or better. The decision is yours to choose which one you will become. Life’s sorrow is our school master; it only comes to make us wiser as we are able to see things in their true light and right proportions. 

The day whether it is cold or  sunny, gloomy or beautiful, should not be the cause for despair nor happiness. We should train our mind to accept life circumstances irrespective of how they appear, recognizing that there are warm, bright days and sad dreary days but it does not stop us from forging ahead and attaining our goals. 

Every morning the birds sing, whether it rains or shine, they do not toil, or labour, yet they are not bothered about the basics of life. Consider the plants how they turn towards the sunshine, then uses it to produce their food. Even the ant the smallest of creatures how it toils storing its food for rainy day. Yet we become anxious over things we have no control over and become sick from constant worry, though worry is blind.

There is no difficulty, however great that can stop you from attaining your goals, except you. When we begin to understand the brevity of life it becomes evident to us that we have the responsibility of placing considerable emphasis upon the importance and care of each other. Even the unlovable; these individuals need acceptance and love.

Let us not be bogged down with the task of always trying to win the approval of people. Follow the golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do to you, those who exert themselves only with people who are profitable to them seeking personal advantage in every social contact will soon realize the futility of their actions.

Sincerity as we learn to deal successfully with others will prove a blessing as it will enable us to improve relations and live amicable if possible with all men. Therefore our influence will have more impact as a result of the way we treat people. If we learn to be more intelligent in dealing with people we will find that we become better people, a pleasure to be around.

creative commons- photo by Kurdistan4all

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