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Marriage is evidently the real and most wonderful union, it is a lifelong experience. One  which will require a proper understanding which is the work of a lifetime.  Men and women were made to be the companions of each other, and therefore marriage becomes one of the means of happiness. Choosing a partner.
Marriage has been by all nations, whether ancient or modern, held in respect. However carefully marriage have been entered into, the marriage is not cemented at the marriage ceremony as marriage is the work of a lifetime. Hence as a result of the many problems that follows the foolish scoff at it.

Women are often a poor judge of their motives. Because the man is agreeable to a woman, showing tenderness it does not mean he is a suitable companion. Affections may appear genuine yet it can be shallow. Therefore Women ought to exercise care and should seek to understand men's purposes as they are not always clear and sometimes sincere, as it relates to marriage. 

In marriage the happiness of the couples future life will depend upon the way they start their relationship. Understanding that no one is perfect finding the weakness in each other should not be a deterrent but rather they should allow their love to unite them. All should seek to see the good in each other rather than dwell upon the defects of each other. 

Love when evident in marriage, pure love which actuates a man will not seek to make his wife an instrument but will practice self control in all that he does. The custom of some to engage in early marriage should not to be encouraged I strongly believe; as it is such an important step and therefore should not be entered upon hastily, before the mental and physical powers of the individuals involved are well developed.

Moderation in love is not a popular idea among many; however the popular maxim “hot love is soon cold." Is often the sad commentary of many promising dates that may have led to a successful marriage!

The connection between love and money is another cause for concern, as many seem to think that money can buy love. Money can only buy the counterfeit of love, but never love itself. The world is full of misery without adding to it another shotgun marriage which is the consequence of "ill-assorted marriages." In many instances it only takes a few months for both parties to realize they have nothing in common. Causing discord in the home, as they realize they are not in love with each other, and hence where only love and harmony should exist we see hatred and discord over trivial matters.

 Marriage should not be a constant bickering; open disagreements will arise, however where love abides this can be addressed and sorted avoiding misery in the home. All those who desire to marry must take care and ensure first things first. The statistics has shown thousands of marriages that have ended in divorce; this is no reason for anyone to avoid marriage. Let this not deter anyone from the experience of the beauty and joy of a happy marriage. Marriage is a good thing; and the man who find a wife find a good thing.

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