Saturday, 21 July 2012


Time – I say this—and know it to be true.  Upon this little word, time hang all our joys and sorrows. Our reality, our circumstances, glooms or gladness, this is our portion the glorious light of truth.
Time you have the power to make or mar our life; the sting of death no one can deny; the agony of losing a loved one none can describe. Yet while hope lingers you procrastinate. When the grey hairs become many, the desires no longer stirred, while we become invisible and some go to their eternal home the cycle of life continues.

 Time is given to man, and only when a man fully understands the meaning and nature of an hour, a minute, a day a year; that time is the judge of life; that he will become an over-comer. O the sweet haven of faith! The place where I can dwell and continue to trust the one in whom it is impossible for him to lie for he is God and not man. 

Time though you are mighty there is still one mightier than you. He has all power to allow us to enjoy life to its fullest without death, worry, stress or sickness.

Time, o yes!  Shrouded in the darkness of tomorrow; a world; a place, where we cannot enter. You hold the keys to the future a place where we can only dream of, but cannot enter.  The present only have you given to us! Yesterday, we thought we had time; today it’s gone to a place where we know not. This moment alone we have.

Time, when will you rest from your long travail?  The gateway we all must pass through, gone too soon in pleasure; lingering in pain and sorrow. The weaver of our destiny. All the knowledge we have acquired will one day be buried in the graveyard, deeply buried in the heart of the earth, cold and forgotten.

Time how cruel you can be and yet sometimes so wonderful! The special gifts you give to us soon fade as the body takes its toll from your prolong years. How shall we go when the uncertainty of tomorrow overshadows us? Where shall we go when so many avenues are calling out to us? Where have you hidden the secret of perpetual youth? Will you teach us to number our days? So we can be wise and enjoy our limited existence?

Time you have chosen the time and place for every animate creature; every minute problem, every great event. You have set the boundaries of how far we can go; there is a time for everything a truth none can argue. 

Time you defies all reason. There is a day, an awesome day when you shall become eternity. What a mystery! What a time! When the true master will have control; the Creator of “Time and Space” though we may seem to fail for a time, he who is the author of time, will find the good and throw away the evil. None has fought and won successfully the battles against time except the creator of worlds.

Time - toil on in secret; for we will triumph; Time you follow men like a shadow, haunting us by a feeling of insecurity. Then you strike us with a great fear, the fear of death. Soon you will be no more for you will be replaced by eternity, and then we will shout as we put on our robe of Immortal Life, and stand victorious.

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