Monday, 4 June 2012


 What is beauty? The beauty industry makes millions each year as thousands strive to maintain, or hang on to their youthfulness. The battle of the bulges continue to rage on.

The dictionary gives several definition for beauty but the one I prefer is “The combination of all the qualities of a person or thing that delight the senses and please the mind.” 

Countless as a result of their misguided understanding of beauty rob themselves of health and vigour in the race to become thin or through expensive plastic surgery to change; add or remove some elements that they think will enhance their beauty.
There is no doubt about this fact; if you eat wisely you certainly will age well. For the secret to beauty does not lie in cosmetics but rather in a healthy wholesome diet. It is only the food we eat and the right choice in our nutrition which can guarantee long lasting beauty. Whether we choose to believe or not ageing is inevitable; therefore if we maintain a healthy diet we can alter or slow down the ageing process.  Growing old beautiful as well as gracefully can be achieved but it begins today with the diet.

Here are a list of food design to aid the ageing process:-
Goji juice and all form of berries, flaxseed oil, fibre which can also be had from the flaxseed.
Bee pollen, apple, onions as well as plenty of dark green leafy vegetables, tofu, calcium fortified soya milk, orange juice, almonds, walnuts and kale. 

Foods rich in vitamin B12; as well as Zinc – a deficiency of zinc can cause fatigue, loss of appetite and even hair loss. Good sources of zinc are wheat germ, nuts, sesame seeds, Tahini commonly found in hummus, dried water melon seeds, pumpkin seeds and peanuts. Zinc intake should be limited as excessive amounts can be toxic and depress the immune system.
 Avocados, Bananas, dried fruits and whole grain products

Food is a powerful medicine designed to impart strength and power of endurance. It also has the ability to improve our intellect. Simple food prepared in the simplest way should be our goal. The family that eats well should have no difficulty being satisfied with a plain, wholesome diet. Use of these foods will heal, protect and aid in the ageing process. 

Care should be taken in our selection of food. Choose a variety of healthful foods, that is best suited to your own necessities. Ensuring your diet is suited to the season as well as the occupation you follow, as different occupations demands different dietary needs. We ought to choose a variety of healthful foods and use those food that can be beneficial to us whether we are engaged in hard physical labour or if we are persons of sedentary jobs.

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